About this book:

What is quitting? It’s always all about changing; out of one situation and into another. Life goes on and doesn’t stop just because circumstances change. So let’s take a breath and consider our options: Can we make this place better? Can we get more from it? Can we make changes that suit us better. Will that be here or somewhere new? So stay or go, it’s all about change, not quitting.
That’s where this book comes in. It’s a practical guide to being resilient, finding real value and changing to what we really want. It’s packed with hundreds of breakthrough ideas, with ways to build resilience, flexibility and control. We’ll learn to recognise our strengths and what we value and get the life we want. This book is for anyone who wants to manage life or career changes successfully by never, ever, giving up.
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What People are saying about this book…

This is a great read. Well researched and deeply insightful. I felt like Mike was speaking directly to me and I have absorbed so much. I’m already putting his ideas into action in my own life.

Tim Daly, Videographer and Web designer
Mike’s wise words astound me. I especially got a great reward from the practical exercises Mike assigns in the free Resilience Workbook download.

Ruth Vitek, Project Manager
A great read. I was so absorbed I missed my train station and carried on to the next. No worries, I still managed to make it to work on time!
Linda Allen, Customer Services Trainer
I love this book. It has a whole new perspective on situations. It’s full of really useful ideas that I can apply directly to my life and my business.
Andrew Killen. Craftsman & Retailer