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Practical, Direct and actionable. guides to Life, Turbulence and Change

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A practical guide to being resilient, finding real value and changing to what we really want. It’s packed with hundreds of breakthrough ideas, with ways to build resilience, flexibility and control. We’ll learn to recognise our strengths and what we value and get the life we want. This book is for anyone who wants to manage life or career changes successfully by never, ever, giving up. Should I Quit

Out November 2016:
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Food is not our problem.
We may be overweight and we might be eating badly. But, seriously, it’s not the food’s problem. It’s ours.
We’ve lost the love of food and we’ve forgotten how to let it love us.
This book is a love manual. It teaches us how to respect our food and ourselves. It shows us the practical steps to reconnecting with our food … in love.

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“We’re all exactly as happy as we choose to be. Or we can be.”
This book is your guide on how to be happy. Right here, right now.
Happiness is a learned behaviour and we can all learn to switch it on at any time we choose. We simply need to learn how to do it.
A step-by-step guide of how to develop and maintain our own happiness. Practical, scientifically supported and borne out in the day-to-day behaviour of happy people